Monday, June 26, 2017

Zeroscaping Is So Hot Right Now!

First things first, there is xeriscape and zeroscape which are often used interchangeably but actually have different meanings.

Zeroscape typically refers to a mostly concrete, stone or gravel in place of a traditional landscape design. It can even mean that no landscaping has been done.

Xeriscape is a method of landscape design that minimizes the amount of additional water used by combining native plants and trees, as well as rock work, to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Xeriscape designs are especially used in dry regions and areas. To have the most impact with a xeriscaped yard, use trees and plants native to the area.

The above information was supplied from a blog post from Native Trees and Landscape.  For more great information on Xeriscaping check out the website Gardening Know How.

I'm gonna talk about zeroscaping up in here so get ready to...rock. (So sassy!) Okay let's go!

We all have them...those places in the yard where nothing will grow and every time you see it you throw up a little.  The area may get muddy and then all your animals go running through it so they can then run inside the house.  Maybe the area is just an eyesore and you do not know what to even do with it.  Rocks can make it all better.

Side of a house which always got muddy.  A variety of river rock, a few boulders, and then some Oklahoma Slabs were used for a walkway.

A tree covered sloped area has been transformed with some Arizona River Rock, Moss Slabs, and a few plants.

There are many things one can do with rock.  One thing to keep in mind is the larger the river rock - the less coverage it will get.  The smaller the river rock or gravel the more coverage you will get.

An area before being landscaped by Tropical John.

The smaller gravel on the outside is Cinnamon Gravel.  Moss Boulders were used as a border along the river bed which contains Arizona River Rock 2-4".

What a difference!  Tropical John created a creek bed and even put a log in it to give it a more natural feel.

Your neighbors will be so jealous!

A variety of rock makes a huge and beautiful statement.

The first thing you must determine is the square footage of the area you plan to cover.  This will help in planning your budget.  The gravels and river rocks pricing are based upon the cost of freight - where the rocks are brought in from. The Arizona River Rock ($230/yard), for example, costs more than the Rainbow River Rock ($130/yard) because it comes from Texas.  Don't be afraid to mix different kinds and sizes!  Depending on your project, sometimes it may be more beneficial and cost effective to put a cheaper gravel underneath as a base and then go over the top with the rock you really want which may cost more.  Do a light layer of the more expensive rock on the top and cheaper underneath to keep the cost down.

Now that we have established I am a genius, lets take a look at a few more great ideas for zeroscaping!

Rainbow River Rock filled these massive beds with Moss Boulders acting as edging as well as a few as accents in the bed.

Texas Outdoor Oasis did an amazing job on this customers' home.  Decomposed granite was used on the outer beds, Arizona River Rock 2-4" (keep in mind it has not been washed off yet in this photo), and finally in the center area 1-2" Rainbow River Rock.  This is quite the zeroscape!

Cut-N-Edge used decomposed granite and then river rock along the are with the steel planters.  Decomposed Granite makes a great ground cover material that is easy to walk on.

A courtyard area such as this done by Graves Landscaping is also a great way to turn an unsightly area into a beautiful masterpiece!  They used Tejas Gravel around the concrete pads and then Arizona River Rock at the base around the water feature.

This area was jazzed up by The Grassman using Rainbow River Rock and Oklahoma Flagstone for steps.

A customer sent me her before and after photos of a backyard project her and her husband completed.



After Photo #2

There are many different things you can do to achieve a zeroscape - it just depends on your style and budget.  If budget is an issue, do it in stages. Also remember, there are ways to keep the cost down and still achieve the look you are going for.  Come on by and visit us here at Classic Rock to get more ideas and check out our website which is full of pictures to draw inspiration from. Can't do the project yourself and need some help?  We can help guide you to a landscaper who will fit your needs.  Have anything to add?  Leave your suggestions below.  Otherwise, keep on rockin'!


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